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Have you been working out for a while?...You got great results in the beginning, you lost all/most of the excess weight, but now you can't seem to make progress no matter how hard you try...

You want muscle definition, strength and a fit body, but you're just stuck on a plateau?

We've been there and know how overwhelming that is... That's why we designed our Elite programs specifically for people in that frustrating position... That's why we don't take gym newbies at Raw'Fitness Elite, because we focus on taking those that already have a decent foundation to the next level. 
Are you ready to finally:
☑️Look AND perform better (not just one)  
☑️Get toned up to rock that bathing suit
☑️Tighten your trouble spots
☑️Be challenged again in the gym
☑️Love what you see in the mirror
☑️All of the above 😀?

YES! Then, we might have the right program for you. 

You will get all of the following:
✅45 minute workouts led by our trainers (In case you are tired of just reading a workout on the gym’s whiteboard and figuring things out on your own... Our trainers will coach, motivate and push you throughout the entire session)
✅Workouts challenge both muscular & cardiovascular systems 
✅Modern and clean facility (not a dirty warehouse that looks like an old abandoned repair shop) 
✅Exclusive On Demand Elite Shredding Nutrition Class
✅Weekly progress accountability
✅Complete shredding nutrition strategy which includes: 
✅Latest carb cycling meal plan
✅Weekly grocery list
✅Supplement blueprint 
✅Intermittent fasting success guide 
*If you are brand new to working out.
You don’t have to be a super athlete to join, however, this program is for people who have been working out and already have somewhat of a foundation. If you're really out of shape, then we recommend to first start at Raw’Fitness, then graduate to ELITE. 

*If you are a temporary/seasonal gym goer.
This is NOT for those who are looking to look fit for an occasion and will quit after that, this is for those that make fitness a priority and it’s part of their lifestyle.

*If you have low standards.
If you do just the bare minimum, look for shortcuts or quick fixes, or make excuses. If you are lazy and settle for “just ok,” we will be happy to refer you to an average gym where that’s acceptable.
*If you’re in decent/great shape but want to 10X your results.
You’ve been working out for a while and as a result, you’re at a healthy weight. Weight loss is NOT your biggest concern, now you’re goals are more muscle definition, increase performance, health and being challenged again.

*If you have no interest in “normal”
You are the type that gets sick and nauseous by mediocrity, normal or average. You are a go getter and have high standards for yourself. You are one of those who refuse to settle, never satisfied, and always hungry for more.  

*If you have a superstar mindset
You can be disciplined, punctual, positive, supportive and competitive. You don’t have to force it, it’s simply IN YOU.
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